Guallart Architects


Taiwan 2003

Local partner: J.M.Lin The Observer Design Group

1st prize international competition

Excursion to the new taiwanese tradition.

Fugge is a small fishing port with a particular geographic meaning: is just by the side of the north cape of the Taiwan island. Taking into account the spatial limitations of the Port of Fugee, our proposal envisages a tourist operation designed to complement Taiwan’s principal existing facilities, exploring the possibilities of Fugee’s traditional productive specialization, its relationship to the sea and fishing, and developing other alternative uses of the space that they are linked to the green space to the North-east.

The proposal is structured in three parts:
1. Port: Constructing a series of individualized roofs to create an interior microclimate that will protect the fish market, the restaurant and the shops. The roof, with water, will give shelter from the sun and help to purify the air of the smell of fish.
2. North Itinerary: Excursion to the north with three enclaves:
-Artificial seawater swimming pools (as in the Canary Islands) to enable a richer spectrum of leisure use of the port.
-Panoramic belvedere viewing platform looking to the north, with a wooden deck and a scale model of Taiwan.
3. Future: In the future a new prestige hotel by the port, beach hotels and a series of public amenities will encourage residence in this exceptional setting.

The port

In the port area the project envisages uses directly related to fishing, configuring the space as a focus for food and crafts, in this way rooting the proposal in the history of the Port of Fugee. The retail sale of fish will be complemented with the construction of a series of restaurants of different sizes and categories in order to respond to the different levels of demand; however, the aim is that Fugee should be identified as a major centre of gastronomic at the national level, through its specialization in seafood. At the same time, it is suggested that the souvenir shops should have special sections devoted to Taiwanese crafts where tourists can watch the craftsmen at work. The spectrum of uses will be active for 18 hours a day, alternating according to their nature.


Competition date: 2003
Project date: 2006
Client: Taipei County Government.
Site: Fugee Port, Taiwan
Architecture: Guallart Architects & J.M.Lin, The Observer Design Group
Main architects: Vicente Guallart, María Díaz

v. 1

Collaborators: Christine Bleicher, Ester Rovira, Maria Osa, Kika Estarella, Francisco Nieto, Michael Strauss, Rodrigo Landáburu, Melissa Magallanes, Carlos Valdés, Andreas Allen
3D: Lucas Cappelli + architects; Lucas Jagodnik, Julieta Serena,Mariano Castro, Horacio Suaya
3D images: YLAB Tobias Laarmann
Images: Laura Cantarella, Sabine Mayer

v. 2

Collaborators: Christine Bleicher, Amaya Coello, Ignacio Toribio, Francesco Moncada, Massimo Tepedino, Rainer Goldstein, Gawel Tyrala, Wobciech Szubinski, Torsten Altmeyer, Francis Holding, Inti Vélez, Mariano Arias, Katharina Schendl , Moritz Treese, Csíkva´ri Gergely

v. 3

Collaborators: Rainer Goldstein, Fernando Meneses, Daniela Frogheri, Marian Albarrán, Ana Cabellos, Marta Vélez, Andrea Imaz, Enrico Crobu
Models: Fabián Asunción, Soledad Revuelto, Ángel Luis Gaspar, María José Bizama, Ruth Martín, Christine Bleicher, Ricardo Guerreiro
3D images: Néstor David Palma


Sociologist: José Miguel Iribas.
Sustainability: Rafael Serra Florensa. UPC.
Solar energy: Oscar Acebes. TFM.
Crystallographic: Albert Soler
Chinese translation: Lin Yi.
Taiwanese traditions: Li-An Tsien.