Guallart Architects


Foto de Vicente GuallartVicente Guallart ( b. Valencia 1963) chief architect of the city of Barcelona and general director of Urban Habitat since 2011.

Guallart have been founder of Guallart Architects (1993) and of IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalunya) (2001).

Pioneer of interaction between nature, technology and architecture proposes new paradigms based in urban, social and cultural conditions emerging from information society,he crosses boundaries through collaborations in geology, sociology, engineering, fabrication, economics, and software design merging architecture, nature and new technology. His projects follow a "natural" logic, referring to components originating in nature, as well as to environmental systems. A logic that connects nature with the transformations of urban spaces, social organizations, and the digital world.

His most relevant and recent projects includes, among others, Sociópolis in Valencia: an innovative housing project for urban and environmental development with projects by international architects; Sharing Bloks in Gandía: a residence for students, the first in Spain where the dynamical relation between private and shared areas can generate a continuous re-configuration and extension of the spaces to live; Fugee Port and Keelung Port in Taiwan. He is author of Geologics (Actar), and co-author of the Metapolis dictionary of Advanced Architecture and Hypercatalonia.


-1st Prize in the Competition “Sociopolis Green House”, Valencia . Spain
-1st Prize in the Competition "New Taiwan by Design": the re-design of Fugge Port and Batouz Port . Taiwan
-1st Prize in the Competition Taiwan Gateways, for the re-design of Keelung Water front.
-1st Prize in the Competition for the design for the waterfront of Vinaroz (Castellón. Spain)
-1st Prize in the Competition “Vinaròs sea pavillion”, Fora Forat beach, Vinaròs, Castellón Spain.
-1st Prize in the Competition for the “Hotel HUSA”, Reus, Tarragona. Spain
-1st Prize in the Competition for the design of 2 km of the south Coast (Castellón. Spain)
-1st Prize in the National Projects Competition for the multifunctional Center in the castle quarry in Denia.
-1st Prize for the construction of the Hotel HUSA Reus.
-2nd prize Prize in the Competition “ Museum of Contemporary Art “in Wroclaw, Poland
-Finalist in Premio FAD 2008. Barcelona, Spain.
-Finalist in the “Premio Europeo del Espacio Urbano”. CCCB. Barcelona, Spain.
-1st ex quo in the” Premio Nacional a la Cultura Arquitectónica y Urbanística Sostenible del Foro Civitas Nova 2007”. Spain
-3rd Prize in the Competition “Spanish Pavillion Project for Shanghai Expo”.
-Nomination for the Prize “Rey Jaime I” de Urbanismo, Paisaje y Sostenibilidad 2007.
-Selectión for the Master Plan, Wroclaw, International Expo 2012.
-Bulding selection for the Master Plan for Wroclaw Expo 2012
-Award Ciutat de Barcelona Prize 2002, for the Media House.
-FAD Award 1992 for an apartment in Barcelona
-Finalist in the IberFAD Prize with a house in Liria in 1996.
-Finalist in EUROPAN IV with a housing project in L’Hospitalet.
-Mention in EUROPAN II with a project for the Plaza del Arbol and environs in Valencia 1991.
-Möbius Prize for the best Spanish CD-ROM 2000.
-Möbius Prize for the best Spanish CD-ROM 1995 for Mateo at ETH.


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