Guallart Architects

Barcelona Metápolis

Edited by Vicente Guallart, Willy Müller , Manuel Gausa

Published by ACTAR, 1998

This project is founded on a single, firm belief: that it is once again essential to approach the city with an optimistic attitude vis-à-vis its general context. Barcelona becomes a synthetic setting for different projects and schemes, for new ideas and new icons for the future situations identifiable in these: the strategic rearrangement of the territory, the redefinition of its extended areas of development, the restructuring of its networks, its effective rapport with the landscape, a meditation on its geographical limits, the reutilization and recycling of pre-existing elements. An approximation to the future city that is more committed than objective, and in which proposals are formulated for a Barcelona undergoing dynamic change. The book brings together the results of such thinking in the shape of 25 schemes by 21 different teams.