The re-naturalisation of territory






The cities and lands had grown physically at the same time of their economical growth.
Soon the urban Barcelona will be totally occupied.
The metropolitan Barcelona is running out of available free land.
If Catalunya keeps the same growing rate than the last 150 years it will be completely occupied by the year 2375.
Before the artificial world of our civilization we it existed a virginal geography, virgen and natural, made of plains and mountains .
Land, a necessary but limited good has the key for it’s re-foundation...

Montserrat, formed by the conglomeration that joins the rests of the sediments of the Mountains of its surroundings, has the genetic code of the lands that surround it.
Facing this urban invation, it starts a proces of auto-clonation

First, Mountains discover highways, that block any possibility of a natural continuity.
In San Cugat, they devour and reform corporative centers, creating new Mountain-buildings capable of being auto-sufficient.
The continuity of the landscape is now a public golf court over the A-7 highway.
More Land.
In Tarragona the Mountains detect some chemical agents that block the possibility to live the coasts.
They isolate, they move them towards the interior and unfold new topographies to organize a new city.

More coasts, more activities
In Barcelona, the expansion of the XIX century starts the growth of the city and becomes a key of attraction to people, avoiding the territorial expansion.

The energy of the Mountains is so big that they decide to cretae a set of islands in front of the city.
More land.

In Barcelona a new « Camp Nou »
In the A-7 highway, a new continuity
In Tarragona, biotechnology and cinema.
In El Perelló, techno-agricultural micro-villages
2020 The Mountains have established in land a new code natural-artificial.
A new attitude that allows the growth towards the interior of the cities, and a more natural way to live the established landscape.

The laws have changed. It exists a three-dimensional urbanism and the law of the forth factor is used: To get the double Benefit with half resources.