And finally, the Curriculum:


Vicente Guallart (Valencia 1963) is one of the most relevant emerging architects in Spain. He opened his studio in Barcelona in 1992.
He works in the confluence of architecture, nature and new technologies. Some of his more relevant projects are the Denia Mountain (reconstruction of an old quarry, in an environment that hold and old Arab castle, selected for the Venice Biennale 2004), 3 ports in the North of Taiwan that will improve the tourism in the island (winners of 2 international competitions), or the Sharing Tower in the neighborhood of la Torre (Valencia).

He spent part of his time with research and educational projects as director of the new Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Iaac), in Barcelona, that hold a international postgraduate program on architecture and urbanism working in many scales “from Bits to geography” ( In 2000 he co-directed with MIT’s Media Lab and other research Center, the Media House Project, the prototype of an informational house, based, as first time, in distributed computation.

He is author of the master Plan of the project Sociópolis, an innovative housing project in Valencia that allows the urban development and the protection of the agriculture environment. He coordinates a group of international architects that will build different equipments and housing projects in this neighborhood. This project was shown in the Valencia Biennale, or the Arkitertur Zentrum in Vienna. It will be build for the year 2007.

He is co-author of the Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture (Actar), HiperCatalonia, or Media House Project. The Korean publishing house DD dedicates the monograph “Intelligent realities” to his work. Actar publishing house is preparing his new book “Media, Mountains and Architecture”.

He have given lectures in different Universities and Cities around the world as Princeton University, Upen, Architectural Association, UCLA, MIT, Space (Seoul), Taipei and others.

His work has been exhibit in the Biennale di Venezia 2002 and 2004, Archilab, Gratz, and others.

Main Buildigns and Landscapes

- Wroclaw Mountain Expo 2012
- Sharing Tower. Sociopolis-Valencia. (2005-2007)
- Kim Hyng Yoon editing Co Headquarters. Paju Book City. Seoul. Korea (2001-2005)
- 34 apartments in Cambrils. Tarragona - Spain (2002-2006)
- Fugee Turistic Harbour. -Taiwan (2004-2007)
- Batoutz Touristic harbour.- Taiwan (2004-2007)
- Keelung ocean plaza. - Taiwan (2004-2007)
- Vinaroz Fish Market - Vinaroz - Spain (2004 -)
- Hortal house. Commarruga - Barcelona. Spain (2001-2004)
- Denia Mountain Project - Denia. Alicante Spain (2003-)
- Web Hotel. Fabrications at MACBA -Barcelona (1998)
- Metapolitan Loft (2001-2004)
- House in the historic center of Barcelona.(1992).
- Project for the urban environment of the Plaza del Arbol in Valencia. EUROPAN II. (1991)
- Museum of Fashion in Valencia, (2002-2005)

Urban Plans
- Sociopolis Master Plan. - Valencia .Spain (2003-2005)
- Project of Urbanization for Sociopolis. (2004-2005)
- Xativa Biogolf.- Xativa .Spain. (2005)
- Burjasot - Spain(2005)
- Plan of Uses for the Port of Vinaroz, (2001-2002)


- Construction project for the south beach and services building adjacent to the Port of Vinaroz,(2001-2002)
- Special Plan for Protection and Interior Reform of the UA6 and UA7 in the environs of the Arabic city wall in Valencia
- Project for a Telecenter and laying-out of the main square, including the partial covering-over of the river. Ribes de Freser, (2000-2003)
- C/ Cristòbal de Moura. Scheme design, (1998)
- Grade 1 camp site in Pola de Gordón -León, Spain (1999)
- Competition for the covering-over of the railway line and housing in L’Hospitalet, Spain
- House of the Seven Summits, La Puebla de Vallbona, Valencia (1997)
- Scape House. Housing for agricultural environments. Prototype, (1998)
- Study for a plastic house. European Association of Plastics Manufacturers / European Space Agency, (1999)



- 1st Prize in the Competition "New Taiwan by Design": the re-design of Fugge Port and Batouz Port .
- 1st Prize in the Competition Taiwan Gateways, for the re-design of Keelung Water front.
- 1st Prize in the Competition for the design for the waterfront of Vinaroz (Castellon. Spain)
- 1st Prize in the Competition for the design of 2 km of the south Coast (Castellon. Spain)
- 1st Prize in the National Projects Competition for the multifunctional Center in the castle quarry in Denia.
- 1st Prize for the construction of the Hotel HUSA Reus.
- Award Ciutat de Barcelona Prize 2002, by the Media House.
- FAD Award 1992 for an apartment in Barcelona
- Finalist in the IberFAD Prize with a house in Liria in 1996.
- Finalist in EUROPAN IV with a housing project in L’Hospitalet.
- Mention in EUROPAN II with a project for the Plaza del Arbol and environs in Valencia 1991.
- Möbius Prize for the best Spanish CD-ROM 2000.
- Möbius Prize for the best Spanish CD-ROM 1995 for Mateo at ETH.

The House of the Digital Man, Fundación COAM (1998).
La Beauté de la Nature, Avignon (2000).

Sociopolis, Bienal de Valencia (2003).
Hipercatalunya, MACBA (2003)
Invited to the official selection of the Biennale de Venezia 2000 with Barcelona Metapolis.
Invited to the official selection of the Biennale de Venezia 2000 for Ecity.
Archilab (2001).
Archilab (2000).
Exhibition HLM, Ministerio de Fomento. (2001)
Against Architecture, EACC (2000).
Urban Natures, EACC (2001).
Barcelona Metapolis
36 modèles pour une maison, Bordeaux (1998).
Fabrications, MACBA, MOMA, SFMOMA, WEXNER (1998).

Director of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia ( (since 2003)
Co-Director of the Advanced Architecture Course, Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya (since 2000)
Visiting lecturer at: UCLA, ETH, AA, Princenton, Upenn
Arts Director Club, New York (2001)
Media Lab, MIT, Boston (2001).
ICA, London (2000).
Biennale de Venezia (2000).
MACBA (1998).
Berlage Insitute (1994).
Lectures at the Official Architecture Associations in Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia and Seville.

Author of:

Sociopolis. Arkitertur zentrum, Actar Ed 2004
Media House Project. Iaac.2003
Geocat. Iaac. 2003
Media, Mountains & Architecture, Actar Ed. 2006
El teletreball i els telecentres com impulsor del reequilibri territorial, Generalitat de Catalunya 1999
Centros Históricos del siglo XXI, EUROPAN II 1992.

Co-author of:
Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, Actar Ed. 2000-2003.
HiperCatlonia. Actar Ed 2003.
BARCELONA Metapolis, Actar Ed. 1998.
Festival Met 2.0.

Barcelona Plus, Actar Ed. 2001
10x10, Phaidon 2000.
Housing. New Alternatives, Actar Ed. 1999.
Against Architecture, EACC. 1999
36 modèles pour une maison, Périphériques 1998.
Fabrications, MACBA 1998.
Published in magazines
Domus, Quaderns, El Croquis, Werb, Bauen & Wohnen
Special program in the series Creadores on TVE2 : ‘The adventure of knowledge’.
Special program in the series SCAPE on Canal Satélite Digital.
Participation in the series Millenium on Canal 33: ‘The house of the future’.