To the south of the port is a rocky headland and a natural beach with the outfall of a surface water drainage system.

The intervention here is based on a new hexagonal pattern that operates by constructing multiple coastlines, both outside and inside the rocky zone, defined by different functions and materials.
A restaurant located between sea level and the upper part of the headland serves to reconstruct the original line of the coast at a resolution lower than the original.
The beach is ordered with a higher resolution (like the grains of its sand) by means of a great concrete boomerang with the drainage pipe routed beneath it, forming ‘a beach on top of the beach’.

An artificial wooden island, anchored off the beach in summer and stored next to the restaurant in winter, takes the system to its limit, permitting a dynamic transformation of the coastline.

Project: 2002-
Client: Generalitat Valenciana.
Conselleria d'Obres Publiques. Direcció General de
Site: Vinaroz (Castellon)

Design Team: Vicente Guallart, Jordi Mansilla
Assitant: Pilar Gasque
Models: Christine Bleicher, Adria Maynes

Photographs Model: Giovanni Zanzi