The ED 01 building has a surface area of 21,000 m2 and a hybrid programme that includes 250 rental apartments, an arts centre and a technology centre.

The ground floor is articulated around a public plaza to the north of the great central park that will serve to put on events in an urban setting that is at once open and delimited time and distributes access to the various public, shared and private spaces of the complex.

The tower acts as an axis of reference from which a series of linear volumes project out at different heights and delimit with their particular densities the public space of the plaza.

In keeping with the principles of the shared space proposed in the first Tower, this project generates a variety of types of shared housing, on the basis of the ages and optimum living conditions of the occupants.

The lower levels have a series of apartments for artists with spaces for them to work in.
The elevated linear volume on the plaza has housing for young people such as university students, which large shared spaces for each group of 30 apartments.
On the various different floors of the tower there are eight-person micro-communities that share spaces such as a meeting room, work zones, laundry, a terrace and in some cases zones for cooking and eating in.

This project complies with the national building standard that allows a maximum of 20% of the usable surface area to be allocated to shared spaces. In line with this, a typical apartment on one of these floors would have 35 m2 of private space and 70 m2 of shared space.
On upper the floors the shared space is on the apartment scale, with two-bedroom units suitable for a couple or a young family with one child.